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Mini LED Magnetic Beacon Roof Light Bar -
High Power LED Emergency Strobe Light Head (6x LED) -
High Power LED Emergency Strobe Light Head (4x LED) -
LED Emergency Beacon with Flexi DIN Fix -
LED Emergency Beacon with Magnetic Fix -
LED Emergency Beacon with One Point Bolt Fix -
LED Emergency Lightbar with Magnetic Base -
Mini LED Light Bar / Single Point Bolt Fix -
Interior LED Strip Light 4000K with Switch -
Interior LED Strip Light 4000K with Motion Sensor -
Interior LED Strip Light 4000K -
8 Way Control Panel with Fuse & Relay Box -
Halo Blitz Strobe Light with Red LED Halo Ring - spo-cs-disabled - spo-default - spo-disabled - spo-notify-me-disabled
WAS W265 Compact Square Work Light / 1435 Lumen -
Fristom FT-364 Round LED Flood Light -
Fristom FT-365 Round LED Spot Light -
Strands Dark Knight Fog Light - spo-cs-disabled - spo-default - spo-disabled - spo-notify-me-disabled
Strands Dark Knight Reversing Light - spo-cs-disabled - spo-default - spo-disabled - spo-notify-me-disabled
Strands Dark Knight Indicator Light - spo-cs-disabled - spo-default - spo-disabled - spo-notify-me-disabled
250A Single Stud Junction Post (M10) - spo-cs-disabled - spo-default - spo-disabled - spo-notify-me-disabled
Strands Nuuk E-Line Number Plate LED Light Bar - spo-cs-disabled - spo-default - spo-disabled - spo-notify-me-disabled




We are Ireland and the UK's leading online supplier of Vehicle Lighting & Auto Electrical Supplies. We supply a range of Truck & Trailer Lamps & Accessories at the most competitive prices to customers across the UK, Ireland & Europe.


Our range of vehicle and truck lights include LED Beacons, Strobe Beacons, Bulb Flashing Beacons,  LED Marker Lights, LED Light Bars, LED Work Lamps, LED Spot Lights, LED Car Bulbs, LED Rear Lamps, LED Tail Lights, LED Interior Lights, Hazard Warning Strobe Lights, Fog Lights, Driving Lights & Spot Lights


Our product range includes Automotive Cable, Battery Cable, Pre Insulated Wiring Terminals, Heat Shrink Tubing, Heat Shrink Terminals, Insulating Tape, Auto Fuses, Cable Ties, Relays, Flasher Units, Junction Boxes, Anderson Plugs, Isolator Switches, Flick Switches, Rocker Switches, Tachograph Charts, 12v Bulbs for Cars & 24v Bulbs for Trucks & Buses. Air Line Coils & Electrical Coils for Trucks.


Our Safety Range Includes products Like, Reversing Cameras, Reversing Camera Kits, Parking Sensors & Reversing Alarms & Buzzers. Conspicuity Tape, and Nitrile Gloves.  Make sure you have the right safety gear and PPE to keep you and your team safe while you get the job done.  We stock premium brands such as; LED Autolamps, Torlok, Trucklite, Rubbolite, Avery Dennison & 3M.


Delivery is FREE on orders over €100 to the UK & Ireland. Otherwise it is  €6.95.  To see our full list of delivery rates Click Here.  Have a look around our site & if there is anything we can help with, Just Contact Us!



We sell a wide range of premium LED trailer lights to cover all your trailer lighting requirements, (including best sellers: slimline LED trailer light 12/24v, dynamic indicator LED trailer lamp & LED Autolamps rear combination lamp kit).  We also stock a comprehensive line of LED outline lamps and number plate lights to make sure your vehicle and license plate can be clearly seen.  To complement this range we stock a wide selection of vehicle light reflectors and scene lights to ensure safety and make sure the area around your vehicle is sufficiently illuminated.


Shop our line of LED work lights - covering all requirements, including:  27w square LED work lights, 48w flood beam LED work lights and 15w mini LED work lights.  To complement our work light selection we also offer some great deals on rubbolite lights / rubbolite junction boxes and vehicle interior lights.  At Truck Electrics we also supply the best value across the UK & Ireland on LED Autolamps vehicle lights - including: LED Autolamps rear LED combination lamps, round LED marker lights in red / white and LED Autolamps LED trailer lamps kit.


If it's LED marker lights you're looking for, look no further.  Whether it's flush fit, side markers, outline markers or side marker surface mounts you're looking for - we have them in stock and ready to ship.  You can also browse the deals we have on offer on vehicle bulbs, including auto car, truck & van 12 volt bulbs24 volt bulbs and LED bulbs for cars vans and trucks.  And to make sure your truck is safe and clearly seen when it's out on the road we offer both Avery Dennison and 3M conspicuity tape.


We sell a wide selection of LED emergency lights and warning beacons, (12/24v flexi DIN LED beacon, one point fix LED beacons & DIN fix LED beacons). Take a look at the great deals we have on LED light bars and emergency hazard lights.  Top sellers include - 2 foot 14 LED module magnetic base LED light bar, amber clear lens LED mini light bar, amber 17 pattern hazard warning lamps & slimline 6 LED hazard warning strobe light. We have all the emergency lights you need on-site.  While you're here, take a moment to shop our collection of rear trailer boards and  hand lamps - including head lamps, pocket lamps and  rechargeable magnetic base LED hand lamps.


On site we have the best selection of spot lights and driving lights anywhere online in the UK & Ireland.  Among the top sellers are the Boreman Solas spot lamps, Boreman full LED driving lamps, Full LED driving lamps with LED ring and stainless steel spot lamps for jeeps and 4x4 vehicles.  To complement the range of driving lamps we also offer Scania lights,  WAS lighting and a wide range of other miscellaneous lighting - including license plate lamps, rounded gaskets for flush fitting lamps and slimline LED number plate lamps.


Shop automotive electrical cable on  We have great deals available on products including: flat thin wall twin core auto cable (2 x 1mm), twin core thin wall auto cable (2 x 2.0mm), split conduit in various sizes and heavy duty 7 core auto cable.  We also offer a range of discounted cable and wiringelectrical switches and electrical relay switches.  Take a look at the offers we have on assorted boxes of fuses, connectors, heat shrink terminals and wiring terminals covering all your vehicle electrical and wiring needs.


We offer the best value online on electrical wiring terminals - including: fully insulated blue 6.3mm female spade terminals, adhesive lined blue heat shrink butt connectors, 6.3mm blue male spade terminals, red heat shrink butt connectors and blue butt crimp wire connectors.  Complementing this range you should take a look at our collections of battery electrical connector terminalsbattery lead braids / battery leads and battery terminals accessories.  We also offer great value on all fuses & fuse holders.   


Check out our range of top selling Deutsch connectors - including the best sellers of 2 way male & female, 6 way male & female and boxes of deutsch connector assorted packs covering all the sizes.  We also have a wide selection of Anderson Connectors & Anderson battery cable to choose from.  To complement these product ranges we also sell electric coils, (including: 24N electric susies with plastic mounted plugs, 24N trailer coil 7 pole thin wall cable and 2 core & 7 core rubber coils), and push fit connectors, (straight plastic push fits, tee plastic push fits and elbow plastic push fits).


We sell a range superseal connections to meet all your needs.  Shop our range including the most popular - 20 piece 2-pole super seal connector kit, superseal connector crimping tool, 2 way superseals male & female, and 4 way superseal connecotrs male & female.  We also offer incredible deals across our range of cable tiesconduit and junction boxes.  Also, take a look at our very popular colection of trailer towing sockets and trailer plugs including - 7 pole 12N metal trailer plugs, 7 pole 12N metal sockets, 3 pin plastic plugs and 3 pin 12v plastic sockets.


We are the UK & Ireland's top independent online supplier of heat shrink tubing.  Shop our line which includes - blue adhesive lined heat shrink butt connectors, red heat shrink butt wire connectors, adhesive lined heat shrink tubing in various sizes and heat shrink tubing mini reels.  Take a look at some of our other product lines soldering suppliesvehicle horns & voltage converters and reducers.  We also have some bargains on car power and audio accessories and tapes - black insulating tape, various colours of pvc insulating tapes, extra wide tape and PTFE plumbing tape.    


Check out our range of workshop and garage chemicals.  These are some of the top sellers amongst our customers.  We have great offers on - silicone sealant, lock & seal, Ce Lit radiator cement, diesel treatment and stud & bearing.  We offer rubber gloves and cleaning products and lubricants and greases as well - copper grease spray, silicone spray and copper grease tubs.  Check out the online bargains available in clearance stock and in our new product range.


Shop DIY, workshop and garage tools on  Take a look at some of our best selling tools -  portasol calf dehorner III, portasol super pro gas soldering iron, wire stripping / crimping tool, insulated terminal ratchet crimper and the portasol super pro gas soldering iron.  While you're here, we also have some of the best deals online on: flat blade wiper blades (all sizes)tilt bins, tool boxes and plastic compartmentalised boxes and ratchet straps.  You might be interested in some: large storage cases, 9 drawer tilt bins, hinged lid plastic boxes or some 5 tonne 10 metre ratchet straps.


Safety at work is paramount.  Let us get you kitted out with our range of safety wear, goggles and first aid kits. We also have some great offers on glovesdomestic led bulbs and hose clips.  Shop our range of cutting abrasives and split pins, self-tapping screws and washers.  Best sellers in these categories include: pvc junction boxes, extra thin cutting discs, hose clips (all sizes), black flanged tapping screws and assorted split pins.



We sell reversing camera kits to cater for all needs.  Take a look at some of our products - reversing camera kit with 7 inch display, reversing beeper for plant, trucks and forklifts, ECCO 7" LCD colour reversing camera kit, camera kit cables with connectors and 2 camera reversing kits with 7 inch displays.  To help you find what you need you can browse through our Christmas gift ideaseveryday essentialsnovelty and special offers of the week.


We offer a range of garage and workshop lubricant, sealant and paint sprays. Choose from our - copper grease spray, clear grease spray, silicone spray and maintenance spray oil aerosol sprays.  We also offer a long line of products in the range of ECE70 marker boardsPortasol soldering guns and air coils (portasol calf dehorners, portasol super pro gas soldering iron kits, red turn 20 scania / iveco air brake coils and yellow 22 turn air brake coil).  You will also find some great bargains on Duracell, flat lithium cell and rechargeable AA and AAA batteries and truck tachograph paper rolls,  such as 3-pack digital tachograph paper

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