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Buy Automotive Fuses Online

We stock an extensive range of automotive fuses covering all your needs. Shop our collections of Standard Blade Fuses, Maxi Blade Fuses, Mini Blade Fuses, Continental Fuses, Midi Fuses, Mega Fuses, Standard Blade Fuse Holders, Mini Blade Fuse Holders, Maxi Blade Fuse Holders, Mini Blade Piggy Back Fuse Holders, Standard Add A Circuit Piggy Back Fuse Holders, Glass Fuse Holders, Continental Fuse Holders, Midi Fuse Holders, Mega Fuse Holders, 12 Way Blade Fuse Distribution Boxes, Blade Fuse Box with Side Entry, Assorted Glass Fuses and Battery Distribution Fuse Boxes.

Boxes of Assorted Fuses:

We also sell assorted boxes of fuses. We stock Assorted Maxi Blade Fuses, Boxes of Mega Fuses, Midi Fuse Assortments, Assorted Mini Blade Fuses, Assorted Standard Blade Fuses, Twin Cord End Terminals and Assorted Cord End Terminals - French & German.

Truck Electrics offer a wide range of Automotive Cable rolls and Automotive Relay units.  We also stock a comprehensive range of Junction Boxes.

Best Selling Auto Fuses:

Standard Blade Fuses - Packs of 100
All ampages: 5a, 7.5a, 10a, 15a, 20a, 25a, 30a and 40 amps

Splash Proof Standard Blade Fuse Holder
Amps: 30 amp, 12AWG Cable, Quantity: Pack of 1

Side Entry Blade Fuse Box
Different Sizes: 4, 6, 8 Way Boxes Available, Quantity: Pack of 1

Mini Blade Fuses
Amp Range: 2A Grey, 4A Pink, 5A Light Brown, 7.5A Brown, 10A Red, 15A Blue, 20A Yellow, 25A White, 30A Green, Quantity: Pack of 25

Box of Assorted Standard Blade Fuses
Selection of popular fuses ranging from 3A - 30A, Quantity: 250 Fuses