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Buy Hand Lamps Online

Shop our collection of led hand torches and hand lamps suitable for the professional garage, workshop or for everyday use.  Our hand torches are in stock and ready to ship today.  Shop our range of Elwis Ultra Bright LED Hand Lamps, Penlights, Rechargable Magnetic LED Work Lamps, Super Bright COB Handlamp Torches, Elwis LED Head Torches, Elwis Rechargeable LED Multi Task Lights and Tripod Elwis Pro Series Multi Task Lights.


Top Selling Hand Lamps & Torches:

Elwis Ultra Bright 90 Lumen LED Penlight Torch Inspection Hand Lamp
Six ultra bright LED’s encased in a durable strong lamp housing, Output: 90 lumen light, Strong magnet on base of torch, Comes with belt clip, comes with 3 x AAA Batteries

420 Lumens high beam, 82 low beam, 8 hours run time - high beam, 16 hours - low beam, 150 metre Beam distance, width 1.6m from 1m distance, IP Rating 65, Operating Temp. Range -5°C to +40°C

Super Bright COB Handlamp Torch
tripod can be used for: 1 or 2 pcs - 2 pcs X2, 2 pcs X4. Comes with: Tripod with 1 finger screw
T-bar suitable for mounting 2 lamps, 2 clip-on rods for TL2, 4 finger screws and 4 HEX nuts for connecting 2 pieces X2 or X4

Elwis PRO Series TL2-R Rechargeable LED Multi Task Light
Handy rechargeable Task Lamp with multi purpose clip-on functions, Reflector shaped to give approx. 90° beam angle and bright working light, 600 to 1200 lumens, stepless dimmer between steps, Flexible light direction, Hook, Foot stand, Exchangeable rechargeable battery


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