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Buy Tape Online - Ireland & UK:

We stock a wide range of tapes covering every industry.  Our range of tapes are in stock and ready for delivery today.  Buy rolls of black insulating tape, colour insulating tape, extra wide insulating tape, ptfe tape, wire harness tape, Self Amalgamating Tape, Double Sided Foam Tape, Non Adhesive PVC Tape - Harness Tape, Aluminium Foil Tape, velcro brand hook, Pallet Wrap, Parcel Tape - Brown or Clear, Masking Tape and gaffer tape in various colours. 

Best Selling Tapes:

Premium Black Insulating Tape - Size: 19mm x 20m
colour: black, flame retardant BS3924, quantity: 10 Rolls

Coloured PVC Insulating Tape - Pack of 1 - Various Colours Available
Primary electrical insulation for all wire and cable joints and repairs, harnessing of wire and cables. Suitable for indoor & outdoor applications, Colours: Black, Blue, Brown, Red, Green, Yellow, White, Grey, Earth, length: 19mm x 20m

Extra Wide Insulating Tape 50mm x 20m
Technical spec: Thickness: 0.15mm, Elongation: 125%, Tensile strength 20N/10mm, Adhesion to steel: 2.4N/10mm, to backing: 2.2N/10mm, temperature rating: 90 degrees celsius

PTFE Tape - Pack of 10 Rolls
BS Standard BS4375, Suitable for water but not gas, roll size: 12mm x 12m, pack of 10 rolls

Wire Harness Tape / Tesa 19mm x 25m
Size: 19mm x 25 metres, PET fleece wire harness tape, TESSA 51608, universal tape for wire harness bundling.

Self Amalgamating Tape
Just stretch the tape to release the resin, Colur: black, Type: PVC, Non-adhesive Loom Tape, Size: 19mm x 10m