Dark Smoked Lens LED Lighting at Truck Electrics

Truck Lighting with Dark Smoked Lens

Looking for LED Marker Lights, Spot Lights, Light Bars and Strobes with a Dark, Smoked Lens for your truck bar, side rails or bull bar? Look no further.

This year black lens lighting has taken over. Show trucks, 4x4s and vans looking for that minimal, dark appearance have been turning heads across Ireland, the UK, Europe and the Netherlands... and the trend is showing no sign of slowing down.

At Truck Electrics, we've been on the look out for top-quality smoked lens lighting to make your vehicle stand out while still ensuring premium quality and reliability for years to come.

We'll take a closer look at some smoked lighting from Strands, Fristom, LED Autolamps and Boreman below to see what makes these lamps stand out from the crowd.



Most Popular Smoked LED Marker Lights with Dark Lens:

Any fitter or auto-electrician in Ireland, the UK and Europe will tell you that the Fristom FT-073 is the most reliable, stylish and easy to fit LED Marker Light for truck bars and bull bars, a-bars, side rails and steps on vans and 4x4s.

The clear lens version is without a doubt one of the most popular LED Marker lights you'll see on the road. They come with two mounting brackets: a flat gasket for mounting on panels and a curved gasket for flush mounting on tubular bars. There's no need to cut out awkward recesses in you bar, these marker lights have a slimline design and clever gasket to make wiring and fitting these lamps tidier and quicker.

... the good news is they are now available with a Dark Lens.

We stock the fristom ft073 dark in Red, White & Amber. The tinted lens on these lamps really makes the circular 4 x LED design stand out. These lamps are also available in a longer 8 x LED version that look great.

fristom led marker light for trucks long

Dark Lens Strobe Lights:

Our favourite, most reliable Fristom strobe light (the FT-200 & FT-210) is now available with a unique dark, smoked lens. We stock these lamps in Amber and Red for the rear of trucks, tow trucks, motorway maintenance vehicles and construction and plant machinery. If you've been looking for a top quality LED strobe light, these look incredible and won't let you down.



Dark Smoked Perimeter Kit Lights

The LED Autolamps 235BSTI24 is probably the most popular perimeter kit strip light for trucks. The components and reflectors inside the lamp have a dark, smoked appearance and the housing is black however, the lens is clear to give optimium light output for the Stop, Tail and Indicator lights. We sell these perimeter kit in multipacks so you can shop and save. These lamps come with a 5 Year Warranty so if you're looking for a wind kit or perimeter kit for your truck, this strip lamp is for you.

These lamps are also avaiable in a 12v version (235BSTI12). Because of their compact design they're ideal lights for small trailers like horse boxes, sheep trailers and livestock trailers where space is limited and a slimline multi function trailer lamp is needed. These lamps also come with a 5 Year Warranty.

Strands Dark Knight Ambassador

The most popular spot light for trucks - The Strands Ambassador - is now available in an exclusive Dark Edition with a black lens and a dark reflector. This lamp has the iconic Strands position light around the edges of the lamp with a strip dividing the centre. This position light can be set to amber or white. This lamp also comes with two trim rings for the face of the lamp: 1 x Silver and 1 x Black Trim. The Smoked lens and dark reflector really make the position lights stand out against the dark background.ambassador-dark-strands

Strands Dark Knight Fortex LED Work Light with Dark Lens

Strands are known for pushing the boundaries of lighting design and they've went the extra mile with the Fortex Work Lamp (809255). This innovative new lamp has a smoked, black lens and still packs a huge 3200 Lumen Output!

STRANDS DARK KNIGHT FORTEXBehind the Dark Lens, this work light has a red position light built in and suits as an extra rear light when fixed to the rear of the vehicle. This lamp is fully waterproof (IP68/69K). This lamp has 4000, 5000 and 6000 Kelvin colour temperature beam options for every working environment.

The Dark Cover on this lamp gives it that smoked look and protects the lens from stone chips. It comes pre-wired with a DT4 Deustch Connector and 500mm of cable.


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