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WAŚ Truck & Trailer Lighting at Truck Electrics

We are delighted to announce that we are now official suppliers of WAŚ truck and trailer lighting for Ireland, the UK and Europe. Customers can now buy the iconic WAŚ Outline Stalk Lights, LED Marker Lights, LED Spot Lamps, LED Work Lights, Trailer Lights and much more on truckelectrics.com

About WAS Lighting

WAS design and manufacture award-winning, premium vehicle lighting from their cutting edge facilities in Poland. The iconic style of these lamps combined with their robust build quality has proven popular among fitters, truck stylers and truck drivers across Ireland, the UK, France, Germany and Holland. So let's take a look at what makes WAS Lighting so unique.

was made in poland

WAS W168 Outline Marker Lights Range

was w168 outline marker stalk truck trailer lightThese popular outline marker lights come in various styles and variations. The heavy duty rubber stalks are extremely durable and are available in short, medium and long lengths - with a 45° angled arm and short 90° options available. We also stock these stalk lamps with a built-in progressive indicator to really make your truck or trailer stand out from the crowd on the road or at truck shows.

WAS W140 Neon Style Marker Lights


These compact marker lights are a brilliant addition to any vehicle or trailer and they pair nicely with the WAS Outline Marker Lights pictured above. There are two mounting options available for the WAS W140 outline markers. A Flush Base that can be screw-fixed to a flat surface or a Hanging Bracket to suit the sides of trailers.was-w140-small-outline-light

These marker lights have 9 x OSRAM LEDs that provide a bright neon glow for the front, back and side of your vehicle. These W140 lamps have the classic WAŚ style design with white, amber and red neon style LED illumination. They can be used on 12 or 24 Volt Systems and are pre-wired with 210mm of cable.

WAS W116 LED Spot Light / 9”

This WAS W116 Driving Lamp has a bright LED Halo Ring around the edges of the lamp with a Position Light Strip in the centre. The black housing on this driving lamp looks incredible on any truck and is built to last. The clear lens is highly resistant to scratches and bumps and the lamps are backed by the WAS 2 Year Warranty. It has a phenomenal 3200 lumen main beam, pre-wired with 3 metres of cable and is dual voltage 12v / 24v.



WAS W229 LED Scene Light / Work Light with 2 Mounting Bracketswas w242 scene light

This powerful LED Scene Light is ideal for lighting up the area around camper vans, work vans, trucks and trailers. 30 LED diodes provide an excellent 2000 lumen flood beam. This lamp comes with two mounting brackets:

  1. Flat Bracket for mounting to flat surfaces and panels. 
  2. 45° Angled Bracket for mounting to the side of your vehicle. 

This lamp is pre-wired with 2.5 metres of insulated cable. These lamps are ultra durable for commercial use, 4x4 off-roading and are backed by the WAS 2 Year Warranty.

Check out the video below to see this lamp in action:

WAS W240 LED Marker Lights with Vehicle Outline Light

These WAS W240 Marker Lights are an innovative new marker light designed with safety in mind. Built-in LEDs at the bottom of the lamp draw a bright line on the ground around the perimeter of your vehicle. This distinctive line on the ground is a fantastic safety feature and looks brilliant when running at night time.

was w240 led marker light amberThis perimeter illumination makes manoeuvring safer with semi trailers, loaders and other long trailers. These lamps can be mounted with the horizontal bracket or with a flush bracket.

WAS W153 Round Neon LED Trailer Lightsround led trailer light with dynamic indicator was w153

The WAS W153 round trailer lights are a brilliant new addition to the range of LED Trailer Lights at Truck Electrics. WAS have given the classic hamburger style light a fresh new look with a bright Neon Glow Tail Light with an indicator running through the centre of the lamp.was round led trailer light

There are two styles of indicator available - a Standard Flashing LED Indicator or the more modern Dynamic Indicator Strip (pictured above). Both of these lamps are pre-wired with 2 metres of cable and both are backed by the WAS 2 Year Warranty.

WAS W150DD Rectangular LED Trailer Lights with Dynamic Indicator

was w150dd rectangular trailer light
The WAS W150 DD Trailer Lights are a slimline compact lamp that comes in two variations:

Both of these lights are suitable for 12 and 24 volt systems. They are both pre-wired with 2 metres of cable and both lamps have the dynamic indicator strip in the centre of the lamp. Check out the video below to see these LED Trailer Lights in action.

WAS Outline Marker Stalk Lights

We’ve introduced two new outline marker lights with a short and medium length stalk to our LED Outline Marker Light Connection. The short WAS W62 Light with a 84mm stalk and the WAS W49 Light with a 135mm Angled arm. These marker lamps have an aerodynamic design to suit artic trucks and trailers.



WAS W56 & WAS W25 Small LED Marker Lightswas small outline marker lights for trucks

The W56 and W25 marker lights are one of our most popular clearance lights for trucks and trailers. The durable black rubber housing typical of WAS lamps keeps these small LED marker lights well protected.

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