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We are delighted to receive our first shipment of Strands LED Light Bars and Spot Lights direct from Scandinavia this week at truckelectrics. We’ve had our eye on these for a while now and are proud to be Ireland’s premier retailer of Strands products. 

Designed in Scandinavia, these stylish lamps are built to withstand the most extreme driving elements. The striking position light can be set to either Amber or White during installation to suit your style.

These light bars have the most impressive main beam output we’ve seen to date and each bar is available with a Single Row (SR) or Double Row (DR) of LEDs and in Straight or Curved design.


Let’s take a look at the full Strands range at

Strands Siberia SR LED Light Bar

Available in 12”, 22”, 32”, 42” and 50” these slimline LED Light bars have the iconic Amber / White position light and a single row of OSRAM LEDs illuminate the road ahead. The sleek, slimline design make the single row light bars ideal for cars, vans, 4x4s and even trucks looking for a modern look with lots of light.

Strands Siberia DR LED Light Bar

Available in 12”, 22”, 32”, 42” and 50” these light bars have a double row of LEDs for an incredibly powerful main beam while the cutting edge position light cuts through the centre of the lamp.

Strands Night Guard with Hazard Warning Light

The Strands Night Guard is one of the most innovative light bars we’ve ever stocked. The Night Guard features the iconic Amber / White position light, a remarkable main beam and a row of powerful LED Hazard Warning Lights making this the ideal light bar for Trucks, Plant and Emergency Vehicles. Your every need is packed into this stylish lamp. Take a closer look in the video below.

The Night Guard is also available in Single Row or Double Row. Strands Spot Lights

Strands Spot Lights & LED Driving Lamps

Strands Lighting Division also have an innovative range of Spot Lights that are taking Europe by storm.

Strands Ambassador

As the name suggests, the Strands Ambassador packs serious power with an incredible 4040 Lumen main beam. Like other Strands products, the Ambassador gives you the option of an Amber or White Position Light on installation. This stylish Spot Light is one of our top products of 2022.

Strands Dark Knight Intense  

The futuristic Dark Knight pushes the boundaries of style and function with a 14000 Lumen Output and a Selectable Amber / White Position Light. It’s slimline design and intense appearance makes the Dark Knight stand out from the crowd.

Strands Night Ranger  

Available in 7” and 9”, the Night Ranger lamps can be fixed neatly to bars on 4x4s and vans or larger trucks and emergency vehicles. The selectable Amber / White Position Light illuminates the edges and cuts through the centre of the lamp.

Brackets & Wiring Accessories

All Strands Siberia light bars come with premium stainless steel mounting brackets. 

For specific applications we stock additional brackets and wiring solutions. This Siberia Mounting Kit can be fixed to a flat surface allowing for bars and spots to be fixed to the protruding brackets. Ideal for fitting behind the number plate on the front of vehicles.


We also stock professional wiring kits for your lamps, making installation simple.

Both connector kits are heavy duty and protect cables from impact, wear, dirt and water. They both have a blue cable enabling you to connect the position light. It is used when switching to a multifunction relay. Both kits have two waterproof, shrinkable splice that allow you to cut the cable for additional uses.

The 1 x DT Connector Kit has one Deutsch Connector for installing your light bar.

The 3 x DT Connector Kit allows you to connect and sync 3 light bars easily and professionally.

Built to Last

Strands products are designed in Scandinavia and manufactured to withstand the most extreme elements. All products come with a 3 year warranty.


If you have any questions or queries about the Strands range, please get in contact via the chat function in the bottom right corner of your screen and one of our team will be in touch.

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