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LED Work Lights

Shop our selection of LED Work Lights and LED Site Lights and choose from a wide range of high quality LED Light Bars, LED Scene Lights, LED Driving Lamps, LED Work Lamps, and LED Reversing Lights.  Our collection of heavy duty LED work lights are ideal for commercial vehicle lighting, industrial lighting, machinery and agricultural lighting.  Our lights have proven very popular with our customers as truck lights and led tractor lights.  We also offer a great selection of lighting products for vehicles of all types & sizes and a massive range of workshop & Auto Electric Supplies.  Shop today and get Free, Next-Day Delivery in the UK on orders over £50.

Our range of professional LED Lights are the ideal choice for a wide range of applications due to the fact that they provide excellent levels of illumination at very low cost.  These lights deliver bright, clear and crisp illumination wherever and whenever it may be required.  These professional and durable LED work lights are super efficient, top quality lighting units.  LED lights consume substantially less power than other light types, are more robust and save money over time - a wise investment for any business.

The LED diode technology consumes approximately just 10% the power of a traditional bulb to generate the same amount of light.  This represents a huge saving in running costs compared to the older technology.  They also provide the added benefit of increased lifecycle - meaning they will not have to be replaced as often as non-LED lights.  Our range of LED work lights are all housed in secure heavy duty casings for maximum protection.  They are vibration resistant, shock resistant and built to last.  They are compatible with both 12 volt and 24v electrical systems and are available with spot or flood light beams.

  • Premium Square LED Work Light - 27w
    27W CREE LED, Voltage: 9-32V, Dimensions: L 116mm W 116mm H 61mm, 1450 Lumen, Flood Beam, Casting Aluminium Alloy Housing, Working Temp: -45 ~ 85C, Long Lifetime, ECE IP67, Application: SUV, Agricultural, Commercial Vehicles & Plant
  • Pack of 10 LED work Lights - 27w
    Most popular LED work lights on site. Used on Agricultural, SUV & Commercial Vehicles & Plant, Bumper value pack of ten 27W square led work lights.  Technical: 27w, 9 to 32v, size: L 116mm x W 116mm x H 61mm, Casting Aluminum Alloy Housing, Working Temp: -45 ~ 85C, Long Lifetime, ECE IP67. 
  • 48W LED Work Light - Flood Beam
    Incredible light output, powerful 48W work light, LEDs: 16 x 3, voltage 9v to 32v, IP67 rated, size: 128mm (including bracket) * 108mm * 55mm
  • Pack of 10 48W LED Work Lights - Flood Beam
    Bumper value pack of the above lamp.  Incredible powerful light output. Sold as a pack of 10 for better savings. Flood beam work light.
  • Oval LED Work Lamp / Oval Shape 24W
    Oval shaped LED worklight.  24w with 8 x LEDs.  Housed in a cast aluminium alloy casing.  Technical: 1,100 lumen, Volts: 10v to 30v, Size: 143 x 126 x 60mm, long life 50,000hrs, colour temp: 6,000K. 

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