WAS W240 Amber Marker Light with Vehicle Outline Light

WASSKU: 370034



WAS W240 Amber Marker Light with Vehicle Outline Light

The brilliant new WAS W240 LED Marker Light is an incredible addition to any truck or trailer. Built in LEDs at the bottom of the lamp draw a bright line on the ground around the perimeter of your vehicle. The distinctive line on the ground is a fantastic safety feature and also looks brilliant when running at night time.

Like all other WAS products, these W240 Marker Lamps are manufactured in Europe and are premium quality. The lamps have a bright neon style glow, built in reflector and the design looks great in daytime or night time.

was w240 marker lightwas led marker lights w240 truck trailer ireland uk europeWAS W240 Marker Light Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 12 - 24v
  • Dimensions: Length 134mm x Height 53mm x Depth 25mm (See Diagram)
  • Reflector: Amber Retro Reflector
  • Mounting: Horizontally or Vertically



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