The New Scania Electric Truck

Scania has announced that they will begin to test their new all-electric 20-ton truck in partnership with Danish grocery chain giant Coop. The Danish company has purchased a test model from the Swedish manufacturer and will use it to transport groceries within the Copenhagen area. If the test is successful, Coop plans to place an order for an additional 5-7 units. The battery-powered refrigerated truck will be used for daily city distribution operations with its emission-free and virtual zero noise pollution making it a very attractive prospect for city operations and built-up areas.


The new Scania truck has a range of 140 kilometers between charges and can carry up to 18 pallets in cold storage. It is anticipated that the 140km range will be more than enough to shuttle cargo between from distribution on the outskirts of the city to grocery stores within the Copenhagen area. It will also benefit from a fast charge facility, where the batteries can be recharged in just 60 minutes. This means operators can install charging points along the network allowing the truck to be recharged as it moves along its distribution network. Coop Denmark has indicated they plan to recharge the vehicle along the route as it makes deliveries to its stores.


Coop will use the new Scania all-electric truck to help them reach their goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 75% over the next five years. It is an ambitious target but one that the city dwellers of Copenhagen will welcome warmly. Coop operations manager Nicolaj Boysen has explained: "The green transition in the transport sector is going too slowly. We have, therefore, chosen to take the lead ourselves to boost development and show that it is feasible". The electricity used to charge the vehicle in Copenhagen is sourced from non-fossil energy, which is broadly available in Denmark.


The move is a great step forward by Coop and a great example to the rest of the industry as to how operations can be run in a more environmentally friendly manner. But is the model sustainable? The key to success will be manufacturing eco-friendly heavy vehicle trucks that are commercially viable. In terms of manufacturing, Scania director Anton Freiesleben states: "Scania are beginning to reach the tipping point where electrified solutions for heavy commercial transport is a sound stand-alone investment for our customers.” It all looks good. We are moving into an era where low emission trucks are becoming a real alternative to the fossil fuel-guzzling trucks that currently clog up our city arteries.

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The official launch of the new all-electric Scania truck will take place later in 2020. The company has already added battery-powered electric buses, hybrid electric trucks, and a broad range of renewable biofuel-powered vehicles. Last year Scania won secured the Green Truck 2019 award with its Scania R450 model. It was the company's third successive win in the competition securing its reputation as the industry leader when it comes to green heavy vehicles. The Scania R450 took the title with the lowest average fuel consumption of 23.25 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. Another step towards reducing the global carbon footprint.


  • Range: 140 km / 87 miles
  • Battery Power: 135 kWh
  • Powertrain: 230 kW electric machine, 290 kW peak power, 2 Speed Transmission, 2150 Nm peak Torque
  • Charging: Max power 130 kW DC
  • Charge Time: 1 Hour (Fast Charge)
  • Configuration: 4x2
  • Electric PTO: 50 kW
  • L-Cab Scania City Cab with Kneeling and City Safe Window
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 20 tonnes


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