The New DAF CF Electric Truck Range

The New DAF CF Electric Truck Range

Dutch truck manufacturing company DAF has introduced a new range of CF Electrics with an extended range of 200 kilometres.  The new series of electric trucks will go on sale in September 2021.  The new models will include a lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 350 kWh (315 kWh effective capacity).  The new battery will not only deliver more power, it will be much lighter.  Weighing in at 700kg, the new lighter battery will increase payload capacity. 

200 Kilometre Range On Single Charge

The new battery power pack comes with an impressive 200 km drive range.  This is a two-fold increase on the range of previous generations.  And better still, the battery pack retains roughly the same dimensions of the previous model.  It can be fully charged in about 75 minutes using a 250 kilowatt charging station.  By topping up the charge during the drivers' break and while unloading at depots it is possible to reach up to 500 km per day. 

The New DAF CF Electric Truck Range

350 kWh Lithium Ion Battery Power

The new series of DAF CF Electrics has taken from the tried and tested previous models and used technological advancements to drive the series forward.  The engineers at DAF have built upon the proven reliability and user-friendliness of models from recent years.  The biggest advancement in the new models is the redesigned lithium ion battery power source.  It is a  350 kWh battery clocked with an effective capacity of 315 kWh.  This will provide the power to drive the heavy loads DAF's customers demand. 

DAF Battery Pack - Not Just More Power

The battery is not only delivering increased power and a longer uninterrupted driving range.  It is also much lighter than previous models.  It weighs in at just 700 kg - a lot lighter than the battery packs of current models.  All this weight reduction means increased payload capacity.  The battery pack has been built so that its temperature will always remain at a sustainable 25 - 45 degrees celsius.  This supports consistent battery performance and means it can be relied upon whatever the weather conditions may be.

Operational Support Provided

DAF are providing operational and logistical support to customers for the operation of the new series. The use of the new technology will require a considered approach from the user. DAF support will include route simulation models and set up to determine the most efficient route and operation of the vehicle for each customer. This will be a tailored sit-down service and will ensure each customer gets the best out of their new DAF CF Electric truck. DAF will also advise on efficient and smart re-charging of battery packs and the charging infrastructure network.

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On The Market - September 2021

The new DAF CF Electric range will hits the market in September 2021, with delivery of the fleet expected in early 2021.  Ron Borsboom, executive director of DAF trucks says: “With its increased range, the new CF Electric strengthens our position at the forefront of electric road transport.  This truck has been developed in response to the rising demand for better air quality in our cities and lower CO2 emissions. 500 fully electric kilometres per day is something transporter operators can really work with.”


Technical specifications: DAF CF Electric | FT tractor

  • Chassis: 4x2 
  • Wheelbase: 380 cm  
  • Weight tractor: 9,000 kg
  • Electric motor: 210 kW 
  • Torque: 2000 Nm 
  • Battery capacity: 350 kWh
  • Range fully charged vehicle: up to 220 km 
  • Quick charge batteries: 75 minutes 

Technical specifications: DAF CF Electric | FAN rigid

  • Chassis: 6x2, trailing axle 
  • Wheelbase: 380/420/460/480 cm 
  • Weight rigid: 10,200 kg 
  • Electric motor: 210 kW 
  • Torque:  2,000 Nm 
  • Battery capacity: 350 kWh
  • Range fully charged vehicle: up to 220 km 
  • Quick charge batteries: 75 minutes 

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