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LED Work Lights offer a number of advantages over standard bulb lamps.  If you are thinking of installing some work lights or even replacing the ones you already have it's worth taking a moment to consider these points.  Below we've pulled together 10 key advantages of LED work lights.



1: Long Service Life

The greatest advantage LED work lights offer over traditional lights is their incredibly long lifespan.  Typically an LED light can last up to 100,000 operating hours or longer.  That is up to 4 times longer than the expected lifespan of a fluorescent light.  Once installed, they are going to be in place, fully operational, for a long time to come.

2: Energy Efficiency

LED lights are highly efficient and consume very low amounts of power.  Referred to as luminous efficacy or useful lumens - these two measurements detail the amount of light produced per unit of power consumed.  LED work lights massively out perform more traditional technologies.  On average, switching out to LED lights delivers a saving of 60-75% in energy costs.  This is great news for both your pocket due to lower energy bills and for the environment too.

3: Compact Size

LED devices are an extremely small technology.  This makes them highly adaptable in terms of application.  They can be more easily installed in areas of restricted access where a larger light fitting just cannot be placed.  This has obvious benefits when it comes to installing work lights on trucks, tractors, trailers etc. 

4: Durability & Reliability

LED lights do not contain any fragile parts such as glass elements or filaments.  This means LED lights are more resistant to rough and tumble.  They can survive a knock or a drop much better than a traditional light unit.  This is an excellent advantage when it comes to work lights as unexpected knocks and bumps can be par for the course.  Their durability makes them a very popular choice for truck, van and tractor lighting. Our LED Autolamps range comes with a 2 Year Warranty while our Strands LED Work Lights come with a 3 Year Warranty.


5: End of Life Control

LEDs fail slowly by dimming over time rather than a sudden loss of light as is the case of standard lights.  This means you won't be caught out in the middle of a job and will have time to address th situation and replace the light before it becomes a significant problem.  This has obvious advantages when it comes to the use of LED work lights.

6: Better for the Environment

LED lights are better for the environment. They do not contain dangerous materials such as mercury and are a safer choice for the environment compared to fluorescent or mercury vapor lights which come with the headache of specialist disposal at the end of their life cycle.

7: Radiation Free

LED lights do not emit potentially dangerous radiation energy in the form of Ultra Violet.  Fluorescent lighting on the other hand is a source of potentially hazardous UV rays.  It is believed that prolonged exposure to these lights can cause both skin and eye problems.  If you want to avoid UV exposure, LED is the better option.

8: Safety

Safety is a key advantage of LEDs that can sometimes be overlooked. Incandescent lights convert up to 90% of the energy consumed into heat energy. Aside from the concerning lack of efficiency here there is also an obvious safety concern the heating of the area surrounding the light. LED lights generate zero forward heat during operation. This means their housing is not reaching potentially dangerous heat levels.

9: LED Light is Instantaneous

LED lights turn on and off instantaneously. They do not require a warm-up period which is the case for metal halide alternatives. An added bonus here is that the action of switching the LED on and off does not cause a degradation of the light unit.  It has no detrimental effect on integrity or performance.

10: Cost Savings Over Time

LED work lights generate excellent cost savings over time. They emit more lumens, (light output), per watt, (power unit consumed), than standard incandescent lights. The performance of LED lights are not impacted by their size or shape. Over the course of their life span work lights LED generate significant savings when it comes to energy consumed.

What is a Work Light?

Work lights are lights used for trucks, tractors and other vehicles to provide additional illumination to the vehicles standard fitted lights.  They allow the user to light up an area that would not normally be illuminated by the vehicle's standard lights.  We supply a wide range of led work lights for trucks, tractors, plant machinery and other types of vehicles.  Shop Truck Electrics for the best value on all LED worklights, led work lamps, led workshop lights and led working lights.



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