Voltage Converter 24v - 12v / 30 Amp

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Voltage Converter 24v - 12v / 30 Amp

The DC 400 24 / 12V electronic converter is a modern and interference-free device designed to lower the voltage of car installations from 24 to 12V.

The converter is characterised by a very low level of interference, a very stable output voltage and a number of over voltage protections, making it ideal for powering various types of car receivers, e.g. car refrigerators.

What devices does the DC 400 24 / 12V supply?

Car refrigerators
Mini vacuum cleaners
Webasto car heating
CB radio

Technical data

  • Continuous output current:30A
  • Instantaneous output current:35A
  • Input voltage range:21-30V
  • Output voltage range:12-14V
  • Over voltage protection:30-33V
  • Under voltage protection:18-21V
  • Working temperature:0-40 ° C


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