Strands Siberia Pro Cable Kit / 1x DT Connector

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Strands Siberia Pro Cable Kit / 1x DT Connector

A professional cable set with 1x DT connector. Works perfectly for connecting one LED bar with maximum consumption of 156W with DT connector, and 360W if the DT is cut.

On Siberia cable set pro 1x DT, a protective hose encloses the cables and the DT connector to provide extra protection. Both a mechanical protection against impact and wear as well as against dirt and water. Siberia cable set pro 1x DT have more uses.

Namely, a blue cable is added (signal 87A) which enables you to also send out power to another function such as a position light. It is used when switching to a multifunction relay. You also get more options by including an adapter cable. This makes it possible to go from a four-pole to a two-pole DT connector.

Siberia cable set pro 1x DT makes it easy to perform a professional assembly. If you need to cut in the cable for various reasons, you can easily do so. Because there are two waterproof, shrinkable splice that make it possible to make a secure and tight closure afterwards and a hose clamp to reconnect the protective hose. But it is important that you cut at least 50 cm from the relay to ensure that the cable does not meet any moisture.

  • For connection of lighting with both DT2 and DT4.
  • Protective hose that protects against moisture and dirt.
  • Possibility to adjust the length of the cable, for an easier and nicer installation.
  • An extra cable for multifunction relay (87A), for connecting, for example, position lights.

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