Strands Outlaw UDX LED Light Bar / 22"

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Strands Outlaw UDX LED Light Bar / 22"

The Strands Outlaw UDX is a 22" Light Bar for vans, 4x4s and trucks with huge output! This light bar has 2 modes:

  1. A Fully E-Approved Flood Beam for driving on roads.
  2.  "Xperience Mode" that can be activated for a huge lumen boost for off-road driving where extra light is needed.

These Strands Outlaw Light Bars are currently the most powerful light bars on the market, and feature new OSRAM P9 and CREE XPP LED Diodes that are revolutionising the automotive lighting industry.

Two mounting brackets are included. Feet at either end of the bar, or brackets behind the bar. See photos. If you are mounting these to a bull bar or top bar, mounting brackets are available here. 

Activating the Xperience Mode: Turn on the main beam for 2 seconds, then flash lights 3 times for a much wider, longer beam pattern for ultimate illumination in off-road situations.

Strands Outlaw 22" UDX Specs:

  • Type of lamp LED
  • Type of LED Osram
  • PCS LED´s 40
  • Voltage (V DC) 10-32V DC
  • Theoretical effect (w) 12V 400W
  • Theoretical effect (w) 24V 400W
  • Consumption (w) 12V E-approved mode: 102 W
    Experience mode: 215 W
  • Consumption (w) 24V E-approved mode: 102 W
    Experience mode: 215 W
  • Consumption specific function (w) 12V White position light: 4.5W
    Amber position light: 4.1W
  • Consumption specific function (w) 24V White position light: 4.5W
    Amber position light: 4.3W
  • Theoretical lumen 48000
  • Actual lumen E-approved mode: 10889
    Experience mode: 22900
  • 1 LUX @ m E-approved mode: 312
    Experience mode: 470
  • Kelvin 5000K
  • IP-class 67/69K
  • Colour housing Black
  • Colour lens Clear
  • Colour LED´s White and amber
  • Beam pattern Combo
  • Position light Yes
  • Connection Cable
  • Cable length (mm) 1500
  • Material bracket Stainless steel
  • Material housing/chassi Aluminium
  • Material lens Polycarbonate
  • Length (mm) 562
  • Depth (mm) 716
  • Height (mm) 76
  • Height including bracket (mm) 89
  • Operating temperature -30°C – +65°C
  • ADR-approved No
  • E-approved  Yes
  • According to regulation ECE R147 R148
  • Reference number 25
  • EMC ECE R148


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