Strands IZE LED Rectangular Indicator Light with Clear Lens

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24v Strands IZE Rectangular Indicator Light with Clear Lens

The Strands IZELED Rear Block Lamps have revolutionised truck styling across Europe. The classic rectangular block shape and style of these 24v LED lamps makes these Strands Lamps stand out. Like all Strands products, the IZE Rear Truck Light range are built to last and come with the Strands 3 Year Warranty

This IZE block lamp has a clear lens with a bright Amber LED Indicator. This light is also available with an Amber Lens: Strands IZE Indicator Light with Amber Lens

Mounting the Strands IZE Rear Block Lights

These lamps are generally mounted in a Single Rubber Gasket or in a Double Rubber Gasket (as seen below). The lamps can also be mounted in older Hella Rubber Housings. These lamps are also pre-wired with 2.5 metre insulated cable. Do not cut this cable shorter than 500mm when wiring up these lights.

strands tail light indicator

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