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Solder 10 SWG 3.25mm

Solder 10 SWG 3.25mm

Truck Electrics

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Solder Wire 10 SWG/3.25mm (Sn/Pb - 40/60) 0.5Kg

Soldering Iron: Set temperature ranging from 400C to 500C is recommended to get desired Solder Joints. Solder wire is designed with Flux Cored and Residue may form on Joints which may not contribute any impact to Circuit Assemblies. Cleaning should be done when Rosin Cored Solder Wire is used.

Soldering Wires conforms to JIS, ANSI, IPC, DIN, ISO Standards.

Product Description

  • High purity Alloy that is composed of 40% Tin and 60% Lead from Virgin Metals.
  • Applied by Hand or Feed Soldering Process in Electronic & Electrical Assemblies.
  • Non-Corrosive and No Impact of Residue form at Post Soldering which means passes in Pin Probe & Flying
  • Probe Tests for No Clean Wires.
  • If require residue shall clean with appropriate Liquid Application.
  • Precise amount of Flux cored from state of the art Technology Process.
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