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shock ice cold spray can

Ice Cold Shock Spray 400ml

Truck Electrics

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Shock Ice Cold Spray, 400ml

  • Rapid Action Ice Cold Shock Spray
  • Releases Seized/ Corroded Parts Quickly
  • Suitable For Use on all Metals, Rubbers & Common Plastics
  • Dual Action Penetrates and Cools
  • Nozzle For Accurate Spray Application
  • Works Well On Rusted Components
  • Quantity: 400ml

BARGAIN: Buy 12 Cans of Ice Shock Spray



This product is a highly effective cold shock spray which is used to loosen rusted or seized connections rapidly.  It works effectively on screws, nuts, bolts and crankshafts amongst other parts. On application the spray creates a short term ice cold shock that contracts the object and frees it - quickly and easily. 


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