Osram H7 12V NIGHT BREAKER SILVER +100% / Pack of 2


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Osram H7 12V NIGHT BREAKER SILVER +100% / Pack of 2

Introducing the Osram performance halogen light with best lifetime! With NIGHT BREAKER SILVER, Osram offers a performance halogen automotive lamp with an optimized lifetime. Osram Night Breaker Silver generates up to 100% more brightness compared to the minimum legal standard and a beam that is up to 130 m long. This allows you to see road signs, obstacles and hazards sooner, and gives you more time to react. In addition, these automotive lamps have a convincing price-performance ratio and a modern design with an attractive silver cap (H4/H7/H11). The perfect choice for drivers who place high demands on performance and lifetime.

Pack of 2 bulbs


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