Large LED Trailer Lamp for Semi Trailers / 24v / 6 x Function


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Large LED Trailer Lamp for Semi Trailers, 24v / 6 x Function

Suits all types of trailers, flat-beds and semi-trailers with a 24v electrical system.


  • Stop light
  • Indicator
  • Fog light
  • Reverse light
  • Rear running light
  • Reflector


    • Amber Flush-mounted marker lamp on side of lamp
    • Water tight and ultra durable.
    • Pressure bleeding valve for optimum performance in all
    • weather conditions
    • Neck bolts for improved durability of the light enclosure;
    • Large lamp modules provided with high-performance LEDs, providing a high quality of luminous output;
    • Integrated LED light control system, which is compatible with vehicle electronic onboard systems to prevent onboard malfunctions and DTCs
    • Universal-fit spacing of mounting bolts – 152 mm – for easy and quick installation of the product
    • Certified EMC.


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