DEUTSCH Connector Crimping Tool / Professional Spec

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DEUTSCH Connector Crimping Tool / Professional Spec

This Deutsch Crimping Tool is a professional tool for crimping Deutsch Connectors DT series (16 pin size, 14-20AWG), DTM series (20 pin size, 16-22AWG), DTP series (12 size, 10-14AWG), as well as HD30, HDP20, DRC, HD10 series, DRB, STRIKE, Jiffy Splice. This crimper features a fixed positioner for quick clamping.

The 4 way crimp indent and 8 impression crimp score provide reliable and durable crimp that will last much longer when crimped properly with this tool.

The crimper has a simple screw adjustment for contact height/size and a knob to select the appropriate wire sizes and can crimp both pin and socket contacts. The precision adjuster controls the cycling of the tool in both directions of the handle movement. The ratchet design ensures full crimping.

This professional crimping tool is stored in a durable plastic box.

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