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Compact Trailer Light With Progressive Indicator

Truck Electrics

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Compact Trailer Light With Progressive Indicator

Functions: Stop / Tail / Progressive Indicator

Dimensions: 195 x 75 x 35mm

Fixing: 2 x M6 bolts

Technical specification:
- supply voltage: 12–36V DC
- operating temperature: – 40°C to +55°C
- lamp is resistant to any weather conditions
- lamp is fully airtight

Power consumption:
- rear running light: 12V/24V = 0,1A/0,1A
- STOP light: 12V/24V = 0,2A/0,2A
- indicator: 12V/24V = 0,35A/0,35A

 Pack of 1

See the lamp in action here!

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