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Car Polishing Set / 11pc with M14 Adapter

car polishing set for buffing glossing and shining car paintwork and bodyworkSet Includes: 8 Polishing Sponges 80mm + Polishing Fur + Velcro Disc + Adapter

  • Sponges of different hardness and structure, high polishing effectiveness - the possibility of choosing the optimum sponge for a given task (type of polish used, polishing method, shape of the polished surface, degree of damage/scratching the paint)
  • Hook-and-loop fastening on the included cushioning head
  • Quick and easy mounting of the cushioning head on the drill, screwdriver or polisher with the included universal adapter M14


  • Black - soft sponge for finishing polishing, giving shine and full colour.
  • Blue - soft sponge for removing the hologram effect created after pre-polishing and glossing, even on dark colours.
  • Red - its structure makes it ideal for working with polishing products of medium abrasive power. Eliminates paint defects and ensures a good finish. It spreads polishing paste, reducing pre-polishing residue.
  • Orange - For use in polishing all painted surfaces. Works perfectly with high gloss varnishes, UV varnishes, mineral materials or acrylic glass. It is ideal for polishing off the effect of so-called orange peel and polishing to high gloss.
  • Orange - is used for application and initial polishing of lacquer. Enhances the abrasive properties of aggressive polishing products.
  • Fur - Especially recommended for elimination of the biggest scratches and defects of the lacquer coating. A characteristic feature of the polishing fur is minimising the risk of overheating the polished element due to excellent heat dissipation when polishing.

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