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Avery Dennison Conspicuity Tape ECE 104 Approved, 12.5m WHITE

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White Conspicuity Tape for Trailers / 12.5m Length

Avery V-6722 B Conspicuity Tape

For over 15 years now, Avery Dennison has been producing contour marking tape for global application. The Avery V-6722 B series is specifically designed and approved for the European UN/ECE-48 and UN/ECE-104 regulations. This legislation also concerns the use of retro-reflective products on long or heavy vehicles in Europe.

What can Avery V-6722 B Conspicuity Tape do for you?

The tape is made for application on flat and slightly curved surfaces, has a durability of at least 7 years, and is approved according to UN/ECE-104 Class C standards. The entirely renewed and improved structure offers the following unique advantages:

Also available in 50m rolls.

conspicuity tape for trucks




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