Flat Blade Windscreen Wipers - All Sizes

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Size: 13" (33cm)
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Universal Flat Blade Windscreen Wipers

  • Easy Installation
  • Comes with Adaptors - to facilitate retro fir of all vehicles.  Can be fitted on vehicles that have not previously been fitted with flat blades.
  • Centralised Rubber Spoiler for improved Aerodynamic Performance.
  • Tensioned Steel Strips apply pressure evenly across the length of the blade. 
  • Natural/ Synthetic rubber blend for maximum durability and life span.
  • Sizes 14" to 15" are come with three connectors suitable for 6mm-9mm hook and 7mm bayonet wiper arms.
  • Sizes 16" to 28" come with a single already-fitted connector suitable for all 9mm hook arms.
  • Please choose size required:
Sizes Available:
  •     Wiper 14" (35cm) Flat Blade
  •     Wiper 15" (38cm) Flat Blade
  •     Wiper 16" (40cm) Flat Blade
  •     Wiper 17" (43cm) Flat Blade
  •     Wiper 18" (45cm) Flat Blade
  •     Wiper 19" (48cm) Flat Blade
  •     Wiper 20" (50cm) Flat Blade
  •     Wiper 21" (53cm) Flat Blade
  •     Wiper 22" (55cm) Flat Blade
  •     Wiper 23" (58cm) Flat Blade
  •     Wiper 24" (60cm) Flat Blade
  •     Wiper 26" (65cm) Flat Blade
  •     Wiper 28" (70cm) Flat Blade

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