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Surface mount cigar socket

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Surface mount cigar socket

    • Sutars Surface Mount Cigar Socket 75 x 75mm 6-50v DC 16amp
    • Black plastic housing.
    • Tight sealing flexible UV stabilised flap cover. (shows 12V on cap)
    • All non-corrosive metal parts - nickel plated brass.
    • Inside rim keeps accessory plugs securely connected.
    • Push-on blade terminals - disconnects.
    • Permanent polarity (+ -) marks.
    • This surface version is the Sutars compact socket in a plastic shroud. There are threads in the entrance hole on the front so no need for a retainer nut. Well, suitably cut the front will do as retainer nut, should you later decide to recess the socket.
    • The Plant-on Socket is the one to use when recessing is difficult. It costs¬† a little more than a recessable Socket, but since it takes only two small screw holes to fit it and no tools for a 1 1/8 inch hole, it is very often a cheaper alternative after all.
    • The cap can be adjusted in all directions and so the text can be read even when the socket is installed sideways on a wall.
    • The centres of the screw holes are 44 mm apart. Screws are not included as the kind to use depends on the properties of the panel.


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