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Sonax Screen Wash with Anti Freeze 250ml 1:100

Sonax Screen Wash with Anti Freeze 250ml 1:100

Truck Electrics

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Sonax Clear View Nano Concentrate

Antifreeze and cleaning concentrate for windscreen washer units. Prevents ice formation in the washer unit tank, hoses and nozzles. The formula contains innovative nano-particles. The consequence is a significant increase in the cleaning speed. It is non hazardous to paintwork, chrome, rubber and plastics. Ideal for high quality XENON headlamps and light diffusing plastic headlamps in clear-glass optic. Ideal for vehicles with fan spray nozzles, as the product remains sprayable even at low temperatures.

1 x 250ml Bottle, Makes 25 Litres

A little goes a long way 25ml makes 2.5 Litres


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