Slimline LED Strip Tail Lamp, Various Functions Available *OFFER 10 EURO EACH*

Truck ElectricsSKU: 330017

Function: Reverse Light
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LED Slimline Tail Light Strip Lamp

Dimensions: Length: 248mm x Height 25mm x Depth 23mm

With wire connection 250mm

Voltage: 12 / 24v

Certification: ECE RT/R6 EMC IP67

Various Options Available

Option 1 . Stop / Tail, Lens colour Red when unlit

Option 2 . Stop / Tail / Indicator, Lens colour Clear when unlit

Option 3  Indicator, Lens Colour Amber when unlit

Option 4 . Reverse, Lens Colour Clear when unlit

Option 5  Brake Light, Lens colour Red when unlit


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