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Labcraft MX3 Omega Long Life CREE LED's Interior Light

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Labcraft MX3 CREE LED Interior Light

  • 320 lumens; over 110 lux @ 1 metre
  • Up to 60% power saving
  • Unique design for roof strut integration
  • Low profile - only 3mm
  • Quick and easy to install¬†
  • Available in 12 or 24v

Long life Cree Power LEDs - The Omega houses 6 x 0.5W high power CREE LEDs which will last a minimum of 50 000 hours, reducing vehicle downtime and the need for costly bulb replacements.

Excellent light distribution - The lens in the Omega has been designed to spread the LED light over a wide area to ensure that light gets into the darkest corners.

Up to 60% power saving - By using the latest in high efficiency LED technology, the Omega offers a reduction in power consumption of up to 60% compared against standard bulb lighting.

Unique Omega design - The Omega range has been designed to work primarily with the Omega style roof strut, which is common amongst dry freight commercial vehicles.

Quick and easy to install - The light has been designed with 4 fixing points so it can be easily recessed into the roof strut or to one side, depending on the orientation of the strut.

Available in 12 or 24v, PLease choose when ordering.

Specifications 12v
Supply voltage: 12VDC
Voltage range: 10-15VDC
Average current: 0.33A
Light output: 300lm
LED power: 6x0.5W
Weight: 0.090kg
Temperature range:  -30 - +40C

Specifications 24v
Supply voltage: 24VDC
Voltage range:  20-32VDC
Average current: 0.16A
Light output: 300lm
LED power: 6x0.5W
Weight: 0.090kg
Temperature range: -30 - +40C

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