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Labcraft Callisto LED Interior Downlight 10 - 32v

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Labcraft Callisto LED Interior Down Light

Super-bright LEDs - The Callisto utilises the latest LED technology to give a high intensity light source, which offers a lighting solution for multiple applications.

Stylish, compact design - The Callisto has a minimal and sleek design. Its bezel is only 58mm in diameter, ensuring that the Callisto has minimal impact on your ceiling.

Cool running temperature - Most halogen down-lighters will reach temperatures in the region of 90C. As LEDs run at a much lower temperature, the Callisto provides a much safer lighting option without compromising on light output.

Multiple LED and bezel colour options - The Callisto is available with a range of different coloured LEDs and bezels. Also available are dual colour LED Callistos.

Voltage range: 10-32VDC
Average current: 12V=0.16A / 24V = 0.09A
Light output: 122lm
LED power: 1.25W
Weight: 0.030kg
Temperature range:  -30 - +40C

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