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Hella Jumbo 320FF Driving Lamp with Parking Light


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HELLA Jumbo 320FF Driving Lamps with Built In Parking Light

HELLA Part Number :- 1FE008773-041

The Quality Hella Jumbo 320FF Driving Lamp - Extremely sturdy in a modern innovative clear glass look. FF Magnesium reflector design with improved light output. For upright or pendant mounting, with built in Bulb type position/side light, which can be connected into side lamp circuit if required.

Technical Data:

  • E Approval: E1 1655
  • Width [mm]: 244,8
  • Height [mm]: 160,7
  • Bulb Type: H7 + Capless (Side) - not included
  • Light Design: Halogen
  • Light Function: With high beam
  • Mounting Type: Upright or Pendant (Bracket Inc)
  • Fastening Type: Vertical
  • Rated Voltage: 12/24v
  • Housing Colour: Black