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Fingerless Gloves / 1 x Pair

Fingerless Gloves / 1 x Pair

Truck Electrics

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Fingerless Gloves

This fingerless glove is a seamless knitted nylon liner with a polyurethane palm coating.
It has three open fingers making it extremely tactile.
The close fitting design  makes it an extremely dexterous general handling glove, and with three open fingers, it affords the user maximum sensitivity
making it perfect for meticulous tasks requiring care and precision.
The polyurethane palm coating provides good abrasion and tear resistance, and has an assured grip in both wet and dry conditions.
The elasticated knit wrist further enhances the fit and keeps the hands free from dust and debris.

Typically used for:
• General Assembly
• Light Metal Fabrication
• Electronics
• Joinery
• Tiling
• Ducting/Pipework
• Plumbing

Pack of 1 pair


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