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"Defender" High Intensity Wide Angle LED Module Amber 12-24v *OFFER*

"Defender 6" High Intensity Wide Angle LED Module Amber 12-24v

Truck Electrics

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The wide viewing angle of the "Defender" means that it is suitable for mounting both on the wing and grille of a vehicle and the ultra-bright coloured LEDs behind the clear lens makes them ideal for discreet and covert applications.


  • 6 High Intensity 1W LED's
  • Current: Max. 0.92Amps
  • TIR or super wide angle Xtreme optics
  • Waterproof - can be installed anywhere
  • 12 Built in selectable flash patterns
  • With side-by-side split flashing
  • Simultaneous or Alternating Flashing
  • Multi Modules Synchronisation
  • Dimensions: 148mm x 47mm x 23.76mm
  • Distance Between fixing Hole Centres: 133mm

Extended wiring information

Wire Colour Function
RED POWER - Connect to +VDC source via a suitable switch (fused at 3A)
BLACK GROUND - Connect to reliable ground connection, preferably direct to battery or chassis
YELLOW FLASH PATTERN SELECTION - Momentarily apply +VDC to step to next pattern
WHITE LOW POWER - Connect to ground connection to activate low power option

You can synchronise up to 10 light heads to work together. To do this, firstly configure all light heads to your chosen flash pattern and then connect all of the YELLOW wires from each light head together. Once powered, each light will flash together.


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