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Brigade BBS-TEK Reversing Alarm Heavy Duty

Brigade BBS-TEK Reversing Alarm Heavy Duty

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Directional Broadband White Sound. Reversing alarms are vital for safety, yet can cause¬†nuisance¬†and irritation¬†to workers and local residents. The bbs-tek reversing alarm, which emits a unique and very different sound to conventional pure tone alarm, is the simple solution to this difficult problem.
The shh...shh...shh sound emitted is broadband sound (known as white sound), which is multi-frequency, instead of the narrow sound frequency¬†¬†band of conventional pure tone alarm. Its sound is instantly locatable so you immediately know which vehicle is reversing and where it is coming from. So it is directional, concentrating the sound in the danger area so reducing noise nuisance. Broadband sound also dissipates more quickly beyond the danger zone, so it is much less of a nuisance to local residents and is less likely to be ignored by workers due to over exposure to the warning sound.
This product has been seen and approved by the Noise Abatement Society.
Tough, durable, guarenteed waterproof (IP68)
Conform to SAE J994 enviromental standards
Solid-state, spark-free electronics, expoxy-sealed against mud, water and vibration
Can be steam-cleaned and pressure-hosed
CE and 'e' marked (EMC)

Wire Mount: 2 Wire
db(A) 107dB(A)
Voltage 12-24V
Draw 0.5Amps @ 12VDC
Dimensions 172mm (l) x 95mm (d) x 79mm (h)

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