300W Inverter


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300w Power Inverter

  • Allows 12V batteries to power 230V AC mains appliances such as AV equipment and small TVs
  • Operate 230V UK standard appliances 'OUTDOORS' using a 12v car battery or 12v power source
  • Multiple protection features for low voltage, over voltage, overload, short circuit & over heating etc
  • Anodized aluminium case providing durability & maximum heat dissipation with built in cooling fan
  • Ideal for use with all 12v cars, 4x4's & motorcycles
  • Also suitable for Caravans, Motorhomes, Camping & Boats for the operation of laptops, stereos, DVD players, phones and other applicances



  • Maximum output power 300W.
  • Overload and short circuit protected.
  • Supplied with cigarette lighter plug and battery clamps.
  • Efficiency: >90%.
  • Modified Sine Wave waveform
  • Brand: Silverline


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