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2 x Trucklite 800 Rear Combination Lamp

Trucklite 800 Rear Combination Lamp

Truck Electrics

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Trucklite / Rubbolite 800 Lamp

"E" Approved Rear Lamp with Integral Triangle

Ideal for: Heavy duty trailers / semitrailers, due to its practicality, durability and ease of servicing. The Flexible Lamps Model 800 bulbed rear lamp is already a design classic and it is popular amongst leading trailer manufacturers including; Dennison, Montracon, and SDC Trailers.

Advantages: The Model 800 lamp is enclosed in a full rubber housing increasing its impact resistance, as per many of our most successful Rubbolite designs. The rubber housing also acts to provide good vibration resistance to extend the bulb life. The lamp incorporates an integral reflex triangle making it ideal for trailers.

Technology: The Model 800 uses Rubbolite vibration resistance technology to increase the durability and performance of the lamp. It has modern single pole bulb holders, and an easy to use removable lens to change bulbs.

Approvals: ECE and EEC approved rear lamp with end outline marker, stop, direction indicator, integral reflex triangle, reverse, fog and tail functions.

Functions: End Outline Marker, Stop, Direction Indicator, Integral Reflex Triangle, Reverse, Fog and Tail

Qty: 1 lamp, Please choose side required.

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