Banksman Lighting By Labcraft

Banksman Lighting By Labcraft

The Labcraft Banksman lighting solution is a driver aid designed to deliver additional light to the areas around the vehicle when manoeuvring. The solution delivers light into areas traditional reversing lights cannot cover. It reduces:
  • Risk of serious injury
  • Vehicle damage
  • Damage to property

The Banksman improves safety and helps to minimise costs.  Customers who have installed these systems have found significant reduction in costs attributed to vehicle repairs and time off the road due to accidental damage.      


Robust for the job, the Banksman lighting range is endowed with:
  • Light spread from 20sqm up to 30sqm
  • 5 year warranty
  • Metal construction for durability
  • Toughened lenses for resilience
  • IP66/IP67 rated for all weather conditions

With or Without Banksman Lighting..



Banksman solutions are simple to install and connect directly to the vehicle loom.  This innovative solution can be fitted as standard to new vehicles or retrofitted to an existing fleet.


All Banksman products are manufactured in the UK by Labcraft; manufacturer of the largest range of commercial vehicle interior low voltage LED lighting in the world.


The Banksman range utilises the latest LED technology to give a high intensity light source to provide enhanced brightness.

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