LED Batten Light 5ft 60w Twin LED Non-Corrosive IP65 - 4000k

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Batten Light 5ft 60w Twin LED Non-Corrosive IP65 - 4000k

5ft Twin 60w LED IP65 non corrosive in cool white, designed to replace traditional non corrosive 2 x 58w T8 Fluorescent tube fittings offering energy savings of 40%.

With an average life span over 50,000 hours, this averages at over 10 years based on normal use, significantly reducing maintenance costs. The batten also boasts a lumen output of 6600 lumens.

These luminaires come with an IP65 rating, perfect for use in warehouses and factories as well as being used to light indoor and outdoor spaces in applications such as car parks and garages.

Constructed with a robust steel polycarbonate white body and polycarbonate lens with a integrated Epistar LED Board and stainless steel mounting clips. This fitting can be wired from either end or in the middle of the back of the fitting. See images.


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