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Voltage Convertor / Dropper 48v - 12v, 4 - 7 Amp, DC - DC

Voltage Convertor / Dropper 48v - 12v, 4 - 7 Amp, DC - DC

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Wallen voltage convertors will operate power a wider input voltage and at a lower cranking voltage than rival designs. Different versions are available to support a wide range of applications,typically for mobile communications and a growing variety of portable devices. All versions are highly efficient and extremely compact... and all offer intelligent protection against overload,reverse polarity and short circuits.

Type:    Switch mode Non Insulated
Input:   18-55v DC Broadband
Output:13.2v DC
Constant Current(100% duty cycle)  4a
Intermittent Current(30% duty cycle) 7a
Quiescent Current <15mA
Oscillator Frequency 60KHz
Protection: O/Protection Reverse Polarity Short Circuit Soft Shutdown
Efficiency: 90%
Connection: 4 x Spade Terminals
Colour: Black/Gold
Size: 79 x 74 x 31
Weight: 188g + fittings

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