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Buy Workshop Sprays Online

Shop our range of garage and workshop aerosol sprays, all sold at the best prices in Ireland and the UK.  You will find all you need when it comes to Cleaning Sprays, Grease, Lubricant & Paint Sprays - Hand Cleaners, Cleaning Wipes & Screen Wash - Underseal, Rust Proofing & Oil Aerosols - Adhesive, Label Remover & Glass Cleaning Sprays - Belt Dressing, Graffiti Remover & Vinyl Cleaner - Engine Degreaser, Stone Chip & Line Marker Survey Spray.



White Grease Spray
Excellent Lubrication & Corrosion Resistance, Leaves a Minimal Appearance, Suitable for use on: Brake Linkages, Hinges, Gears and Door Latches, Resists Heat & Salt, Repels Water, Protects Against Corrosion & Provides Long Lasting Lubrication, Quantity: 400ml

Maintenance Spray/ Penetrating Oil
Highly Durable PTFE Protection, Excellent Temperature & Water Resistance, Suitable for Use On: Car Switch Gear, Silicone Free Formula, Easy, No Mess Aerosol Application w/ 360° Valve Rotation, Quantity: 400ml

Dry Film Lube:
Excellent PTFE Dry Film Lubrication, Clear Film Repels Moisture, Acid & Alkali Resistant, Coat is Dirt Repelling & Chemical Resistant, Rapid Air Drying Time, Contains PTFE, Quantity: 400ml


Air Con Sanitiser:
Deep cleaning air-con treatment, Cleans, sanitises and deodourises, Destroys mildew, fungi and bacteria, Eliminates odours, Fast, effective and simple to use, 90ml Aerosol Can

Label Remover:
Rapid Penetration Adhesive Spray, Powerful Hydro Carbon Formula, Removes Labels Rapidly & Cleanly, Clears Away Sticky Adhesive Residue, Fast, Easy to Use & Great Results, 400ml aerosol Can

Upholstery Cleaner Foam Spray:
Multi-purpose foaming cleaner, Removes everyday dirt and grime, Can also be used as a hard surface cleaner, 400ml Aerosol Can


Zinc Galvanising Spray:
Excellent Rust Preventing Primer, Quick, No Mess, Easy Spray, Dries Quickly, Protects Welds on Bare Metal and Galvanised Surfaces, Protects Against Corrosion on Pipes and Steel Fabrications, Compatible with Acrylic and Cellulose Paint, 400ml Can

Black Satin Spray:
Quick Drying Formula, Durable Acrylic Paint, Provides Excellent Protection, Suitable for General Industrial & Automotive Applications, 400ml Can

Red Oxide Paint Spray:
Excellent Protection, Compatible For Use With All Paints, Can Be Applied Directly to Bare Metal, Tough, Durable Red Oxide Coating, Quantity: 400ml.

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