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Buy Automotive Relays Online

Shop our range of electrical automotive relays and electrical wiring accessories.  Our relays are suitable for 12v and 24v applications.  Best prices on relays in Ireland and the UK.

Best Selling Relays:
  • 12v 30A 4 Pin Relay with Bracke
    Normally open contact relay, 4 x 6.3mm terminals

  • 12v 30A 5 Pin Change Over Relay with Bracket
    Detachable bracket, 12v, 5 Pin, Quantity: pack of 1

  • 24v 20/30A Relay with Bracket
    Normally Open Contact, with detachable bracket, Pack of 1

  • 12v 30A Fused Relay with Detachable Bracket
    Comes with detachable metal bracket, 4 Pin, Fused with 30A Fuse, Normally open contact, Pack of 1

  • 12v 70A Heavy Duty Relay
    Normally open contacts, 70A@ 12v, Separate metal bracket, 2 x 6.3mm & 2 x 9.5mm spade terminals, Quantity: Pack of 1


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